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Our check covers the following


The Identity check validates the user’s Passport or Identity Card using machine learning, social networks, and our dedicated Operations team.

Right to Rent

The Right to Rent check confirms the candidate has the right to rent in England. Landlords or agents in England could be charged with a criminal offence if they know, or have reasonable cause to believe, that they are letting to an illegal immigrant. Homeppl facilitates the completion of the check, however it cannot replace the landlord or agents’ legally-required physical check.

Credit Check

Our Credit Check uncovers any past publicly available adverse information or court action against UK citizens. It includes: CCJs, Bankruptcy, Insolvency, Debt Relief, Arrangements, Sanctions. If any adverse information is found, this will be available in our report.

Financial suitability

The Financial Suitability check assesses your finances, and ensures your ability to afford the property in question. It validates the data by various means, such as documents, online domain testing, and social networks. During the process, our system will communicate directly with the candidates’ employers, HR managers, or Accountants.

Rental performance

The Rental Performance check traces and validates candidates’ residential history, and collects references from their rental network, such as landlords, agents, housemates, and neighbours. It provides valuable insights about candidates, including how they maintained the property, and prompt payment of rent and utilities.

Work Experience

The work experience check validates the candidate’s work experience, work duration, and employment type.


The Education check confirms the candidate's level of education.


The Interests section helps our clients choose the most suitable candidate for their needs.

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“Homeppl cuts us 75% of cost associated with referencing. It has literally transformed the way our office works"

Sam Dover, Regional Manager, Gascoigne Pees

“At Urban Spaces we use Homeppl for our tenant referencing and tenant passport services which has transformed the efficiency and productivity of our Client Success Team. The system’s user experience is incredibly intuitive and process automates a large part of the tenant verification workflow for us.”

Simon Charnock, Director, Urban Spaces

“Additionally, Alex (CEO) and the team have been fantastic to work with and have put a lot of effort into keeping their product innovative, agile and aligned to current market conditions.”

Simon Charnock, Director, Urban Spaces

"Landlords love the Homeppl report so much that we are now using it as a sales argument when we sell a prospective landlord"

Chris Ed, Lettings Manager, Gascoigne Pees

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