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Why do we exist

Homeppl is a team of credible international people who have come together
to allow everyone to unlock the value of their data.

Some interesting facts

The rental amount Homeppl has protected to date
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Our personal story

The Homeppl Story

The story of Homeppl stems from the personal experience of our CEO, Alexander Siedes.

At the age of 27, Alexander left his role as the Deputy Chief of Mission of the Israeli Delegation to UNESCO to make a new beginning in London.
However, he discovered that his good credibility and impeccable credit risk built up in Paris and Tel Aviv could not help him rent a new home in London. Instead, he was falsely classified as a ‘high-risk’ tenant, and forced to pay £20,000 up-front just to rent a home.

Unfortunately, Alexander is not alone. Every year, 1.1 billion people move home around the world. None can carry their credibility with them.

This matter is so painful that in March 2017 in the UK, some 150,000 people signed a petition to allow them to carry their credibility with them in the housing market.

People signed the petition because rental checks suck. They take 3 weeks on average to be completed, and 1 in 5 is automatically classified as a high-risk tenant.

The cost of vacant properties due to slow and erroneous rental checks is estimated at £200 billion a year.

Homeppl will put an end to the waste, the worry, and the waiting!

We have created a smart secure profile that easily gathers, validates, and demonstrates your true rental credibility. With Homeppl, you alone own your data, and you can carry your credibility for life, anywhere you go - you can even update it as you go along.

Our system uses more data and replaces slow and costly labour with technology.

We at Homeppl believe that one’s reputation holds value and power.

Our focus is on getting the best housing opportunities for our customers. In future, we will be providing access to the best financial opportunities - getting you a great mortgage rate or home loan, based on your rental profile.

Trusted by tenants from +30 countries